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July 7th, 2004

01:11 pm
fuck yeah

home home home

1/2 of me misses it and 1/2 of me doesn't want to deal with bs when i get there. whatevs. I don't give a FUCK

i really need a job

this cat is super affectionate

and really if everyone liked me as much as my mom does, my whole life would be set.



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May 15th, 2004

03:57 pm
graduation was a great time...forgetting and seeing family = AWESOME

also realizing how many wonderful people i have in my life. i'm really am very lucky.

this will be one of my last entries, for all the good times. :0(

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May 2nd, 2004

07:39 pm
Finally I actually like hanging out with my sister. Good insight, good movie, good food. Awww, cheesecake. I wish I lived where she did...waking up to the city every morning. it was fabulous.

i hated waking up this morning but it was worth it. the hairshow was the dankness. I got a lot of free products, and two super awesome bags. i love them. linsey won third place although she really should've been first. Airbrushing and facepaint aren't very cool make-up concepts. but i got to have tight make-up and be photograhped. i can't wait to be out of school and start working in a salon...i love doing hair so much. that industry will be my ticket in. i know it.

anger anger anger

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0th, 0

12:00 am
last night was the most profound show i've ever been to.

and i saw the equivalent of two guys "doing it". he rubbed the back and everything. pretty gnarly.

it really all makes me laugh.

dead poets society for sure.

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April 27th, 2004

09:08 am
i just want to relive the weekend.

maybe this weekend will be fun as well, hopefully the hair show will be tight. who knows. trippin man.

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April 26th, 2004

05:46 pm
how do you spell hooka? as in a very awesome smoking device? perhaps that is correct, but it just looks like a pathetic attempt at spelling. maybe not.

anyways, i met my new el salvadorian dream boat today. what a hottie man. it would be so nice.

at least i get to do his hair. hmmmmmmm.

i didn't do anything today...but it happens when you are BROKE.


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April 25th, 2004

09:23 pm
It's all just a big fucking lie.

I'm sick of it.

Never real :0(


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April 24th, 2004

04:11 pm
Yay yay yay...next weekend is the hairshow. Fuck yeah.

15 smackers in my pocket all for one color.

graduation in two in half weeks. yes

i'm just excited. pimpin.
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Hey, Kid!- the Ataris

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April 21st, 2004

10:50 pm
Bill..."sorry, it's like at a barbeque and i gotta get the first hamburger."

although it doesn't seem too funny, it actually was great, and i probably said it wrong.

hung out with b nel today...he's just so fabulous.

i always look at everyones journal and they always have comments, and i wonder if their comments are just always there and never a surprise or visa versa. because since my comments are so rare (thanks livejournal bitches), i always LOVE to get them and very surprised when i do. comments are the best, but if no one generally wants to comment, it means my entries are worthless pieces of shit and i should just go kill myself right now. livejournal totally ruined my life. i'm ruled.

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07:20 pm
a blue icee from k-mart.

i can't wait to just be done with everything. school school school. blah.

boyfriend at hairschool woke me from a very splendid nap today and it was super wierd cause he never talks to me. i don't know about him.

i'm going to be a make-up model for a hair show. it's awesome. i can't wait and i get school hours. fuck yeah.

and to bill, i tragically forgot what i was going to post about you...it was funny. shit. perhaps you remember???

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